Ah, summer, longer days of sunshine, out-of-office set and prepared, and the beach calling your company name. Sadly, the majority of us still need to perform the Job tango throughout the week; our weekends and vacations are our time to relax and relax having a great book. If you haven't updated your bookshelf (or Kindle library) shortly, you're ready to find the perfect read for your preferences. From mysteries and thrillers to romances and autobiographies, these are our top chioces for seaside reads for 2022:


You might recognize this man as the widower of writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Not too long ago, their relationship went viral when her essay, 'You Might want to Marry My hubby,' was authored by The brand new York Times 'Modern Love' column. It was a heartbreaking, poignant and robust piece, and today Rosenthal shares their own side of the story with a debut memoir. Though it is sure to be considered a tear-jerker, it will also be considered a page-turner that touches your soul.

'My Wife Said You might want to Marry Me'by Jason Rosenthal$14.34SHOP NOW

If you have been single during the pandemic, you might have lost hope of choosing the best person. Though understandable to feel frustrated, this book may be precisely what you have to believe that love is offered for everybody – including you! Following a breakup, Broadway composer and songwriter David Friedman collected the couple’s 'how they met' stories for a decade, gathering responses from people, celebrities, and more. Allow these hilarious – and sometimes unbelievable – tales to inspire you to keep swiping.

'How They Met: Real Stories of Real love and the Power Serendipity'by David Friedman$13.70SHOP NOW

If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, that one will have you sitting on the edge of your beach lounger. It's from the New York Times best-selling author who wowed crowds with this debut novel, 'The Silent Patient.' Now, he's back with even a twister tale that can take place at Cambridge University. One-by-one female students are now being murdered without explanation, along with a narcissist group leader could be to blame.

'The Maidens'by Alex Michaelides$16.78SHOP NOW

Raise your hand if you're a master procrastinator who waits before the last minute for, um, everything. Often, those who delay achieve this because every last detail paralyzes them. Until things are perfect, they can't move forward. This book seeks to help you leap into action rather than waiting in the wings. Ready, set, read!

'Dream First, Details Later: How you can quit overthinking making it happen!'by Ellen Bennett$16.50SHOP NOW

If you're a fan from the movie 'Dirty Dancing' and the hit TV series 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,' this book is your jam. Within this fictional page-turner, two families – The Goldmans and The Weingolds- return to their beloved Golden Hotel after decades apart. Their relationship has changed, along with the Catskill region. How will they adapt – and can they save the hotel of all time gone?

'Last Summer at the Golden Hotel'by Elyssa Friedland$14.40SHOP NOW

This fictional read may be the worst nightmare become a reality: after being in a coma, Emma Harris awakens to find her life incredibly different. Her former fiance is now deeply in love with her closest friend, her employer allow her to go, and everything she'd before is gone. This story is among the new beginnings – and so the name – and has many juicy twists and turns.

'Love for Beginners' by Jill Shalvis$12.58SHOP NOW

Known in the interwebs as @TheBloggess, Jenny Lawson has a large number of followers who anticipate her every word. She painstakingly takes them through her own depression experience – and now, she's turned it right into a gripping memoir. Appropriately titled, this book aims to break down the stereotypes around emotional and mental health, all while causing us to be laugh and cry along the way.

'Broken (within the most effective way)' by Jenny Lawson$15.83SHOP NOW

Fans of Jennifer Weiner countdown to each book release – which summer's novel doesn't disappoint. It weaves the lives of Daisy Shoemaker and Diana Starling together effortlessly, keeping readers hooked with every chapter. The first is an active homemaker, these guys a company leader, however they share one thing in common that could pull them together, rip them apart – or change everything. You'll have to read to find out.

'That Summer' by Jennifer Weiner$17.58SHOP NOW

Foodies will know The Lost Kitchen, probably the most sought-after dining destinations on the planet. They only open up reservations annually early in the year – and they're mighty hard to come by. But who is the chef behind the food? Erin French was raised on the farm and fell deeply in love with food while being employed as a line cook at her father's diner. Her memoir is gripping, fascinating – and will leave you hungry for additional.

'Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story Remaking a Life From Scratch' by Erin French$14.93SHOP NOW

This thriller tells the story of Nella Rodger, the only Black employee at a fictional book publisher, Wagner Books. After experiencing racism and microaggression, she is relieved when another Black woman is hired. Imagine their surprise when scary, threatening messages start appealing on Nella's desk. Within this thriller, you will need to grip your book tightly as you prepare for one unbelievable whiplash to another.

'The Other Black Girl: A Novel' by Zakiya Dalila Harris$13.50SHOP NOW

If you're someone who reads every last tabloid article concerning the Royal Family, this is the beach read for you personally. The fictional story follows the career of Sarah Percy, a columnist who, well, writes gossip. She was much inspired by her mother, who always believed her lifetime was parallel to Princess Diana. The storyline weaves through family dynamics, British aristocrats, and much more.

'A House Filled with Windsor' by Kristin Contino $15.95SHOP NOW

While the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, some silver linings may come out of it. In his book, author Jim Lord helps professionals bounce back, reimagine their careers, and take giant leaps of faith toward a much better tomorrow.

'Bounce Back Higher: 3 Steps that Inspire the Spirit of Contribution in the Chronilogical age of the Pandemic'by Jim Lord$16.99SHOP NOW

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