Since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, you can probably target the areas in your lifetime which have changed. Millions have forfeit jobs or family members, many have been via a natural disaster (hello: snowstorm in Texas!), and many people continue to be navigating balancing the house and work lives. While flexibility has proven to become key in getting through this tumultuous period, it's vital to set boundaries to safeguard your mental health and happiness. We spoken with ten inspiring female entrepreneurs on the something they'd never compromise on. Perhaps their ability to stay in keeping with their values and purpose can help you navigate your personal routine and sanity:

“My moments of creativity.”

“One of the most important things for me personally in life would be to make certain my creative muscles stay active. In any role or responsibility I take, I'll make certain I've possibilities to be creative. It can be in storytelling, creative problem-solving, or finding innovative ways to approach challenging. It is just after i get to think creatively which i really feel that I’m within the right place. I additionally be sure to have avenues for creativity beyond my job. Included in this are leading meetups and groups around different topics, writing things that nobody will ever read, brainstorming ideas along with other entrepreneurs or simply spending quality time with creative people around me who get my creative juices flowing.” -Shachar Orren, the main marketing officer of EX.CO.

“My morning ritual.”

“Setting time aside on your own first thing every morning will set a dark tone for the rest of your entire day. No matter you have only 10 mins, do a few stuff that make you feel calm and positive before jumping to your inbox. Meditation is a superb method to clear your mind or a light stretching sequence to awaken the body before near the pc. Or it can be as easy as getting up just a little earlier to drink your coffee in silence. Whatever you decide, allow it to be sacred. Honor yourself and your time first thing every single day so you can serve others better.” -Kelsey Kennedy, the CEO of Blossom and Stone and also the co-founder of Chrysalis Fitness and Wellness.

“My family and residential life.”

“I would not compromise on family or home life. That's your time and effort, and everyone deserves that. That is the way you truly value and respect the employees for their effort and dedication. You allow them time for you to enjoy their lives with the proper good balance to enjoy their family, to savor their free time and to really truly recharge. Maintaining a balance that demonstrates you both understand and value your team’s needs will help set you apart as a professional.” -Alex Schrecengost, the CEO and founding father of Virtual With Us.

“My integrity.”

“You should be honest; be honest with what you are and whom you build relationships. Sometimes honesty can be painful right now, but you never lose the opportunity to learn from life and grow as a person and business owner. I have had my share of economic moments where I had to sit with my thoughts and think honestly about what was perfect for me and my business. After your day, honesty prevails and it has always led me within the right direction.” -Marcella Fodor, the CEO and founder of Sovány Beverage Company.

“My unplugged time with my husband.”

“My husband and that i both created our start-up companies round the same some time and spent the majority of our days – and nights! – working. For us, especially throughout the pandemic, the lines between home life and work life are blurred, and so i actively create time each night to behave together that's screen-free. Whether we have a pre-dinner cocktail, go on a walk or just take half an hour to speak and decompress, time together each day is really a non-negotiable for me. We can make this time happen because we invest in it in the same manner we would invest in an important work event on the calendar. It might sound silly, but when you are really busy, actually adding time with a spouse, friend or partner for your calendar can help make sure that you take some time and stick to it. For me, this unplugged time is how I recharge, maintain perspective and stay connected.” -Allison (Allie) Klein, founder and CEO of Rose & Rex.

“My value and value.”

“If you're just getting started in your business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of giving away work for free. Don't do it. It devalues what you bring and also the produce or service you have to offer. Instead, possess a purpose-driven strategy for when you might discount work or do pro-bono work and stick to it. I've discounted rates to support a cause or non-profit mission that I have confidence in. Early on in my company, I had been focused on revenue and keeping the lights on. That resulted in clients and partnerships that I didn't really enjoy. Today, I trust my instincts and when I meet someone – a possible colleague, client or business partner – and also the relationship just feels 'off,' or like I must work too hard to maneuver things forward, then I know it isn't a great fit. I'm always asking myself, 'does this bring me joy?'” -Marsha Acker, the writer of 'The Art and Science of Facilitation: How you can Lead Effective Collaboration With Agile Teams.'

“My gut.”

“Receiving input and advice is essential, and most from it is going to be well-meaningful. But if you're truly seeking to do something innovative, you will likely face lots of idea resistance from those who are around you, who might just not have the foresight to determine or understand your vision. When I was get yourself ready for my business launch, I repeatedly heard negative comments from others. I was told no one wants lozenges, no contract manufacturer would undertake a business so small, and apparently, our packaging was too girly. However i was determined, and stuck to my instincts, and our packaging is easily the most commented-on feature of the brand. Simultaneously, our buyers report loving the lozenge format for being so unique, and that we love our manufacturing partner.” -Alisa Pospekhova, the CEO and founding father of Kindroot.

“My business commitments.”

“Whether I’ve dedicated to a payment plan, a customer contract, or even verbally promised something, it is vital to me to follow through on my commitments. I always make an effort to overdeliver. Some advice I would give other female entrepreneurs to follow is 'your word is the bond.' Honor what you say you'll do because how you do anything whatsoever is when you do everything. Whenever you prioritize your relationships with other people, your reputation will precede you.” -Ellen Yin, the founder and podcast host of Cubicle to CEO.

“My family dinners.”

“Even prior to the pandemic, we were dedicated to all five people having dinner together a minimum of five nights per week. Since we have been in lockdown, we find ourselves lingering while dining, and these dinners have even end up being the highlight of my teenagers' days! We each do our very own thing throughout the day: school, running companies and sports. These meals are a reliable time to reconnect and laugh (not to mention, sometimes even argue!) and share our ups and downs.” -Samantha Ettus, the founder and CEO of Park Place Payments.

“My boundaries between work and life.”

“I don't engage in projects or opportunities which i can't reasonably wrap my loved ones around. For any good portion of my career, I worked in organizations or projects where it had been tough to dedicate the required time and attention required for my loved ones, specifically my children. This was energy lost which i never was able to regain. I fully consider the way the work wraps around my family because placing them in the center rather than centering work and attempting to fit my loved ones in when I could. In reality, there are times where sacrifices or exceptions are needed for finite periods of time, but not at all the norm. When you find yourself compromising on the familiar roles which are most significant for you and your loved ones, maintaining an agreement, or staying in business, then making the adjustments or changes, over time, helps make the most sense for you. It will be gorgeous once you find your balance.” -Kerry Mitchell Brown, founder of KMB.

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